Current Version

The latest version of PCVS is version 0.7.0. It can be downloaded through this link (digest) or through pip with pip install pcvs.

Source Code

PCVS is distributed under CeCILL-C license and is freely distributed here:

Release History

You can find below previous releases and their changelogs. This section gathers past releases from PCVS or JCHRONOSS. Feel free to contact us in case of broken links. The dev team may not guarantee support for JCHRONOSS (deprecated).

JCHRONOSS – Release 1.2

  • Documentation Update
  • New Output Format modules (JSON,XML…)
  • Real-time Server for in-place Result Analysis
  • Rewritten webview (Bootstrap + JQuery)
  • Improved configuration file
  • Bug fixes with recent compilers (up to GCC 7)
  • New state –> DISABLED
  • Bug fix on the command escaping

JCHRONOSS – Release 1.1.1

  • –oops fixes to avoid false test-suite errors

[Download Link]

JCHRONOSS – Release 1.1

  • Adding Checkpoint/restart mechanism;
  • Fixing memory leaks;
  • Adding Ctrl+C propagation between master and slaves;
  • Time measurement of each JCHRONOSS step;
  • Adding short summary at the end of a run;
  • Documentation Update (Doxygen + README);
  • Bug fixes about multiple successive command calls;

[Download Link]

JCHRONOSS – Release 1.0

  • Initial Official Release

[Download Link]