The latest stable version of JCHRONOSS is version 1.2 and can be downloaded from here : link

  • Documentation Update
  • New Output Format modules (JSON,XML…)
  • Real-time Server for in-place Result Analysis
  • Rewritten webview (Bootstrap + JQuery)
  • Improved configuration file
  • Bug fixes with recent compilers (up to GCC 7)
  • New state –> DISABLED
  • Bug fix on the command escaping


You can download the JCHRONOSS article, published in VECPAR’16 as “A Parallel and Resilient Frontend for High Performance Validation Suites”, here: Link

You can find below previous releases and their changelogs :

Release 1.1.1

  • –oops fixes to avoid false test-suite errors

[Download Link]

Release 1.1

  • Adding Checkpoint/restart mechanism;
  • Fixing memory leaks;
  • Adding Ctrl+C propagation between master and slaves;
  • Time measurement of each JCHRONOSS step;
  • Adding short summary at the end of a run;
  • Documentation Update (Doxygen + README);
  • Bug fixes about multiple successive command calls;

[Download Link]

Release 1.0

  • Initial Official Release

[Download Link]