Parallel Computing Validation System is a Validation Orchestrator designed by and for software at scale. Its primary target is HPC applications & runtimes but can flawlessly address smaller use cases. PCVS can help users to create their test scenarios and reuse them among multiples implementations, an high value when it comes to validating Programmation standards (like APIs & ABIs). No matter the number of programs, benchmarks, languages, or tech non-regression bases use, PCVS gathers in a single execution, and, with a focus on interacting with HPC batch managers efficiently, run jobs concurrently to reduce the time-to-result overall. Through basic YAML-based configuration files, PCVS handles more than hundreds of thousands of tests and helps developers to ensure code production is moving forward.

While PCVS is a validation engine, not providing any benchmarks on its own, it provides configurations to the most widely used MPI/OpenMP test applications (benchmarks & proxy apps), constituting a 300,000+ test base, offering a new way to compare implementations standard compliance.

Here is a short list of feature that may be of interest:

  • Jobs concurrently executed on multiple resources (batch-manager compatibility)
  • Combinatorial system to easily scale test-base range to larger architectures
  • User-friendly command-line Interface & browser-based visualization tool
  • Job results fully compatible with third-party reporting solution (like Jenkins)
  • Share setup configurations between projects, users, machines thanks to flexible profile contexts
  • … and much more 🙂