PCVS is a core system to build and manage large test bases but does not embed any test on its own. Another repository is dedicated to provide the most complete test infrastructure for HPC environments, gathering in a single place most well-known MPI & OpenMP benchmarks along with mutiple proxy applications. Integrated benchmarks have been ported to be compliant with PCVS syntax and can be used directly, with no other effort than providing a valid profile to schedule on.

Here is a sample of what this project offer (a more exhaustive list is available here):

  • MPI:
    • IMB (2019+)
    • Intel & ANL
    • MPICH test-suite
    • MPI-based NAS
  • OpenMP
    • BOTS
    • EPCC
    • GCC libgomp test-suite
    • OpenUH
    • CLOMP
    • NAS
  • Proxy applications (most are Corals):
    • AMG 2013
    • Lulesh 2.0
    • miniFE
    • nekbone 2.3.4
    • Graph500 2.1.4

It relies on contributions to grow and extend the coverage. Any contributions is welcomed, feel free to help 🙂 So far, the actual repo holds

  • 46 fully integrated test-suites (a single benchmark might be split into multiple test-suites to allow partial execution)
  • 4195 indidual programs
  • an average or 64 tests generated per programs
  • … constituting a 250.000+ free-to-use HPC benchmarks suite !